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 Conservation is development!

Ecodiversa Tropical is a non-profit Colombian* organization dedicated to protecting biodiversity, promoting leadership in biodiversity conservation, and supporting sustainable development.
* Registered in Bogotá, Colombia. Matrícula  0090052995


We believe that protecting biodiversity, habitats, landscape and ecological integrity is essential for development.


We believe that providing leadership opportunities (research, training and education) and promoting equality (social, gender) will have a positive impact on biodiversity conservation and the development of our country.


We believe that supporting sustainable development, adaptation to climate change, and reduction of habitat loss will reduce poverty, enhance social equity and protect biodiversity and ecosystem functions for future generations.

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Career Portal

We believe that creating career opportunities (jobs, volunteers, conferences, training, research, academic), accessible to all, will have a positive impact in our society.


Moday, May 22, 2017

International Day for Biological Diversity. We are very excited! We've just launched our new website!! Wildlife conservation, leadership and sustainability in Colombia.

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