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We want to support the next generation of scientists and conservation practitioners


We are interested in research aimed to 1) answer relevant questions on biodiversity and sustainability science; 2) test sound biological-ecological-evolutionary and social-economic hypotheses; and 3) and also to develop predictive models of various aspects of biological diversity. These outcomes will propel our ability to forecast how a system might behave in the future and to effectively improve scenarios for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. 

Biodiversity research

We are interested in supporting biological, ecological and evolutionary research dealing with different levels of biodiversity (species, communities, landscapes and ecosystems) and its attributes (composition, structure and function). We encourage researchers to identify 1) biodiversity patterns and the main ecological and evolutionary factors and mechanisms creating and maintaining these patterns; and, 2) the spatial, temporal and mechanistic effects of human activities on biological diversity.

Sustainability Science

We are interested in research aimed to answer questions on how the interactions between natural and social-economic systems may affect sustainability and how we can trigger and boost positive outcomes. That is, how we can meet the needs of present and future generations by for example halting habitat loss, reducing inequality and ensuring access to clean water, among others (see more examples in United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).


We are interested in designing, implementing and evaluating conservation and sustainability practices. We want to know what works! and most important what is not working in conservation and sustainability practices. We are also looking for innovate ideas to implement best practices. 

Conservation practices

Strategic Biodiversity Goals

Sustainability practices






Promoting working groups






We collaborate with government agencies, NGOs, academic institutions and others to lead high impact projects on conservation of biodiversity, habitats and ecosystem services


We provide interdisciplinary opportunities (research/education/training/working experiences/ advocacy/policy engagement/community involvement) to scientists, conservation practitioners, community leaders, policy makers, youth and kids to positively impact natural biodiversity conservation and human well-being


We support local communities to implementing projects that solve and tackle environmental, social and economic issues

Feeling audacious!: would you like to design and implement breakthrough initiatives and practices in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development or environmental management?

Stay tuned, coming soon!

We support scientists, conservation practitioners and natural resources managers to conduct research and implement projects for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

Research & conservation practice

Conservation through conversation (C2C): we train leaders to effectively communicate science and conservation/sustainable activities to general public, stakeholders and decision makers.

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We are forceful advocates in issues related to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

Advocacy and Policy engagement

Dandelion travel grant: students get support to travel to presenting research and experiences in conservation.

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We support students and individuals to spare their knowledge and ideas in conservation and natural resources management


Visionary scholarship: Stay tuned, coming soon!

Parrot competition: share your ideas, research and actions in conservation.

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We recognize the excellence of individuals who have made outstanding contributions in biodiversity conservation.

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