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About Us

Ecodiversa Tropical is a non-profit Colombian organization dedicated to protecting biodiversity, promoting leadership in natural resources management and supporting sustainable development projects of local communities.


We collaborate with multiple partners in protecting biodiversity, habitats and ecosystem services and promoting leadership and sustainable development as a mean to enhance human well-being.


Biodiversity, habitats and ecosystems services protected and healthy local communities in Colombia.

Organizational Values

Nature for all: we believe that living in a healthy environment plenty of natural resources is a human right that must be secure and enhance for future generations.

Benefits for all: we believe that conservation impacts the whole society and we all must benefit from our actions in that direction.


Collaboration: we believe that we can accomplish our goals and achieve meaningful and positive results throughout strategic partnership.

Social equity, equality and justice: we believe in thinking, speaking and acting with maximum respect and commitment to all our partners.

Knowledge: we believe that our ability to generate, communicate and use knowledge in all programs will have positive impacts in conservation.

Share responsibility: we believe that we should solve and prevent environmental and social issues together.

Achievement: we believe that we all should benefit from our actions.

What We Want to Accomplish

Functional landscapes harboring outstanding biodiversity and providing reliable and long-lasting ecosystem services.


Well-educated and informed leaders and communities, taking responsible decisions and accountable for their actions.


Thriving communities living in healthy environments.


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